Preventative Maintenance Cleaning

Are you worried your business or property suffering from damage? Or perhaps unnecessary expenditure or disruption to your day to day operation concerns you?

We’ll first say this: don’t panic. The team here at London Drainage Services will wade in and lend a hand. Helping reduce the risk and eradicate the cost and inconvenience associated with large drainage problems, we’ll ensure your drains are kept clean and healthy by way of an initial – and thorough – site survey.

London Drainage: How We Can Help

Providing cost-effective solutions to avoid the interruption often caused by drainage disasters, we’ll see that your property is protected as and when it matters.

London Preventative Maintenance Cleaning

 We Offer:

  • The peace of mind you’re looking for when emergency assistance is required
  • A comprehensive preventative maintenance contract to help limit the costs and eradicate damage and disruption to your business
  • A thorough pre-maintenance site survey; we look at drains, fixtures and gullies to name just a few
  • Flexibility to adapt to your unique requirements
  • A programme completely tailored to your needs

Attending and assessing your site, we’ll take note of any re-occurring problems before recommending that all drains undergo a thorough cleaning regime. Ensuring our programme is tailored to you and your businesses needs going forwards, we make note of the volume of use to your draining system, what is being discharged and the diameter of the drains.

We also take into account the size of the building – another factor which helps us determine the best solution for you. Carrying out the work outside of your normal working day to ensure minimum disruption to your property’s operating hours, we’ll carry out the work safely and efficiently.

We don’t just consider the job in hand, either; we’ll also think about the ongoing preventative maintenance of your property to make sure it’s more resilient to any potential losses in the future.

Of course, regular building inspections are a vital part of any programme like this and we’ll always send a competent contractor to assess the situation and ascertain the most effective plan of action.

The Locations We Cover

Serving Central London, London and the surrounding Home Counties, we offer a preventative maintenance cleaning service to anyone looking for the assurance it offers you.

We manage everything from apartments to commercial properties.

What Our Customers Say

Want to know how we’ve helped past customers solve their problems via preventative maintenance cleaning? Take a look at the testimonials gathered via happy clients, below:

“LDS look after all of our pizza restaurants and carry out half yearly maintenance to our
kitchen and toilet areas as well as providing us with built in emergency cover also, good
service all round”

Zincos – Southgate

“Whenever we need assistance with our drainage designs we always enlist the services of
LDS, as the owner in particular has been designing Public Health Services for over 30 years,
and as well as the technical excellence they also have a well-grounded hands on attitude
when managing installation works either by their teams or others”
Michael Pritchard — integrated Design Associates


Got a question you require a quick answer for? Take a look at our FAQ below:

Q: I need some help – and fast! What can you do?
A: In certain situations, blockages can be very hazardous, which is why we’re able to provide emergency call-outs as and when our customers need them.

Q: Are what about hidden costs; are they any?

A: You’ll be pleased to know we operate a fixed pricing model to ensure that you won’t come up against any unexpected costs following completion of the work.

Preventative Maintenance Cleaning Throughout London

Here at London Drainage Services, we pride ourselves on taking full control of the entire job. There’ll be no hidden costs and you’ll know exactly how we intend to tackle your project, every step of the way.

Our engineers are fully trained and have the expertise and equipment to solve any problem quickly and efficiently.

Want to discover how we can help? Speak to one of our team today on: 07563 571200 / 01727 875975 or email: