CCTV Drain Survey in London

Identifying ongoing problems, undertaking a condition survey or verifying that a new drainage installation has been installed correctly without defects then call us and we’ll take a look with a CCTV survey.

Not only does a CCTV survey allow our engineers to see whether there are any problems, but we can then give you a very accurate estimate of what it will cost to carry out any repairs. CCTV is also useful in identifying issues in a drainage system before they become more serious, and for example in a home you may be thinking of purchasing.

CCTV can reveal the following –

Fractured pipes – where pressure from above, such as a heavy vehicle driving over the ground, can cause cracks and fractures in your drainage pipes. Untreated, these will leak contents into the soil, which could result in further damage to the pipe or even subsidence.

Collapsed drains – Can be caused by the drains being badly built in the first place or a variety of other reasons. If left, not only are blockages likely, but subsidence and environmental damage are possible.

Tree roots – Roots seek out moisture so they can find their way through existing faults into the drains. Once the tree roots have entered the drain, other material will get caught in them, making blockages far more likely and frequent.

We give you a report of what we’ve found, listing problems and their location or give you a clean bill of health. This may come complete with photos and video footage if necessary, and a plan showing the location of the drain.