Blocked Drains in North London

Blocked drains are messy, unhygienic and potentially dangerous. They can not only cause significant structural damage to your home or commercial property, but also serious health problems. While most blockages are caused by minor foreign objects – such as excessive grease or tissue build up – sometimes finding the route of the problem isn’t easy and specialist equipment must be used. When you have a blockage time is of the essence and failure to act quickly could cause irreversible damage; therefore, seeking professional aid is highly recommended.

Blocked Drain Facts

By taking just a few simple preventative measures you can completely stop blockages in your drainage system. These shocking facts will make you realise just how easy it can be to make a difference.

– Domestic waste pipes are typically only four inches wide; therefore, most bathroom products should be thrown in the bin instead of flushed down the loo.

– UK water companies deal with an average of 200,000 sewer blockages every year mainly caused by oil and grease from the kitchen. This can lead to blocked sinks and toilets, and often results in the temporary shutdown of commercial properties.

– Most commercial waste carriers will offer a free fat and oil collection service. If you’re in the catering business make sure you use a company that’s registered with the Environment Agency as they will recycle your waste and turn it into fuel.

All it takes is one foreign object to clog up your pipes and cause a serious problem.

North London Drainage Services

At London Drainage Services we can provide fully managed solutions to ensure your issues are diagnosed and dealt with as soon as possible. Once we establish the route of the problem we will use the appropriate action to remove the blockage without causing harm to your property.

We can:
– Unblock your drains on short notice
– Use specialist drain jetting equipment to solve more serious problems
– Assess the cause of the blockage and offer advice on how to avoid future issues
– Provide safe, efficient and ecological blockage removal
– Repair damaged drains and implement the appropriate preventative measures

We serve London and all of the surrounding counties.

The Benefits of London Drainage Services

Unlike many other drainage services that operate in the London area we provide a no-clear, no-charge guarantee, and operate using a fixed-cost pricing model. Due to our 20 years of experience within the field, we have the knowledge, equipment and workforce to undertake even the most difficult projects.