Blocked Drains in London

Having a blocked drain can be very distressing and unpleasant. Just one small problem can render your entire drainage system useless. This can have a profound effect on your standard of living, and if left untreated, could cause irreversible damage to your property. Unfortunately, identifying the route of the problem isn’t always quick and simple affair. Sometimes it requires specialist knowledge and machinery.

London Drainage

Every single day we are harming our homes, waters and beaches by simply putting the wrong things down the sink and toilet. These three facts demonstrate just how much difference small changes can make.

– Fats, oils and grease accounts for around 75% of blocked drains in London. Knowing what you should and shouldn’t be pouring down your sink is crucial.

– Sewers were only built to handle human waste and water. Over two billion items are flushed down UK toilets each year that don’t belong there. If you’re not sure about what to flush, remember the three P’s – pee, poo and paper.

– Bin it and bag it. Wet wipes are the number one cause of toilet blockages. Even wipes and other similar products – cotton buds and sanitary towels, etc. – that are marketed as biodegradable don’t spend enough time in sewers to decompose.

Whether you have a problem or not, start building good disposal habits from today to help the environment and reduce your maintenance bills.

Drain Unblocking in London

At London Drainage Services we offer a wide range of domestic and commercial drain unblocking services. We realise that when you have a blocked drain time is of the essence, and pride ourselves on providing a fast, efficient and economical service.

We provide:
Emergency drain unblocking
Drain jetting
Blockage assessment and diagnosis
Safe and ecological blockage removal
Repairs and preventative maintenance

We serve London and the Home Counties and have a blocked drain service specifically for North London and one for Hertfordshire.

“London Drainage Services look after a number of flats and apartments that we manage, and on the occasions that we have required emergency drainage services they have always been able to help and sort out the problem quickly and efficiently”
David Price – Borehamwood

For further information on how we’ve helped previous customers solve their drainage problems feel free to read our testimonials.


Q: I need immediate assistance, can you help me?
A: We realise that in certain situations blockages can be very hazardous; therefore, we can provide emergency call outs if you’re in dire need of assistance.

Q: Are there any hidden costs?
A: We provide a fixed pricing model to ensure that you aren’t hit with any unexpected costs after the work is complete.

Q: I haven’t put anything harmful down the drain, so why is it blocked?
A: Blockages aren’t always caused by foreign objects. Sometimes there are structural problems caused by corrosion or tree roots. While these issues can be more serious, we have the equipment and expertise to deal with them in a fast and efficient manner.

Drainage Services Across London

At London Drainage Services we pride ourselves on providing total job management. We will take on all of the burdens on your behalf to ensure your domestic lifestyle or business doesn’t suffer. All of our engineers are fully trained and have the knowledge and equipment to swiftly tackle almost any problem you throw our way – from removing small foreign objects to fixing structural defects, we can deal with it.

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