Blocked Drains in Hertfordshire

The most common symptoms of having a blocked drain is poor water flow and overflowing around your gullies. This can result in an awful pungent smell that lingers around your drains and inspection chambers. If your neighbours aren’t affected, then your property is likely the source; therefore, the responsibility of removal lies with you. But blocked drains are more than just an annoyance, they can also cause structural damage and health problems, and the longer you ignore them the worse they’ll get. That’s why it’s best to call out a professional straight away.

Facts about Drain Blockages in Hertfordshire

The vast majority of drain blockages are caused by foreign objects. Simply learning what you can and can’t flush down your toilets and sinks will significantly minimise your risk.

– Sanitary towels, nappies, tampons, cotton buds, bandages, plasters and wet wipes should all be bagged and binned rather than flushed down the toilet. Out-of-date medicines, syringes and needles should be taken to your nearest hospital for proper disposal.

– 75% of all blockages could be avoided if everybody disposed of grease and oil correctly. Pour or scrape greasy or oily food waste into a container, wait for it to cool, and then place it in your food bin.

– Over 3,000 homes are flooded each year due to blockages caused by fat, grease and oil. This costs the UK economy over £15 million and can cause closures of wastewater pumping stations.

Start implementing the correct disposal procedures and you’ll help the environment and reduce your maintenance bills.

Drain Unblocking in Hertfordshire

At London Drainage Services we’ll do more than just diagnose and solve drainage problems, we will also provide valuable consultations on how to maintain your system. Through over 20 years of experience within the industry we have learned that human error is the main cause for concern, and until everyone is made aware of their bad habits, problems will continue to occur.

Our services include:
Emergency drain unblocking
Drain jetting
Sump pump installation
Pre-planned maintenance (PPM)
Drainage consultations
CCTV drainage assessments

We cover Hertfordshire, London and all of the surrounding Home Counties.

The Benefits of London Drainage Services

We are an owner run company with over 20 years of experience in the Public Health sector. During this time we have established the name of London Drainage Services as one of the best in the Hertfordshire area. We operate on a no risk basis to ensure you get the best possible deal. There are no hidden fees and if we can’t remove your blockage you won’t be charged a thing.