How to Clear a Blocked Toilet

In the same way as your car requires a little regular maintenance to keep it ticking over, so does your house – or rather, its appliances. Your toilet is no exception either; it can very quickly get blocked and, before you know it, you can’t even use it for fear of dirty water spilling out of it and making its way onto your bathroom floor. I think you’ll agree it’s not a nice thought, in all honesty.

So, what do you do? Read more

How to Unblock an Outside Drain

Oh no! You’ve discovered your outside drain’s blocked and your immediate thought is: ‘how much is this going to cost me?’

We get it; when something goes wrong in the home it can bring stress faster than you can ask a friend or family member: ‘what’s the number for a local expert?’

But first things first: don’t panic. There could well be a few things you could try before calling out a professional – and we’re here to guide you through them here in this handy article. So sit down, have a read and relax. For now, at least. Read more

How to Avoid an Overflowing Gutter: A Guide

Washing machine making funny noises? Got constantly-dripping taps? Or perhaps there’s a funny smell coming from the cupboard under the sink? The fact is, when it comes to your home there’s a tendency to panic as soon as something goes wrong.

So we bet – if you’re anything like us, anyway – you feel the very same pang of dread when you notice your gutter quickly filling up.

The good news is though this is one minor home-based hiccup that doesn’t have to be as painful as you first thought. How? Simply check out our useful guide and you’ll soon know exactly how to fix a clogged gutter. Read more

How to Clear a Clogged Drain Pipe: A Guide

The car’s had a service, the boiler’s undergone its yearly inspection and you’ve insured your home for another year. So it’s as if ‘Life’ itself is taunting you when something goes wrong in your property. It’s almost like it’s saying: ‘hey, don’t get too cocky! Something else needs to be fixed now…’.

Life, eh?

But that’s exactly how it feels when you a clogged drain threatens to halts day-to-day living, doesn’t it? Like: ‘why me – and why now?!’

The fact is, there’s never a good time for your bathroom sink or kitchen drains to become blocked, is there? Read more

Soil Stack Cleaning: A Handy Guide

You’ve got a sneaky suspicion of a blocked soil stack – and a foul smell or a toilet that drains very slowly could be evidence that you’re right to suspect that something’s amiss. While this means trouble might be brewing, it’s always best to diagnose a problem earlier, rather than later.

It’s true that unblocking a soil stack is not the easiest – or pleasant – job out there, which is where we come in here at London Drainage Services. Read more

How to unblock a shower drain

Just when you think things are ticking over quite nicely – the car hasn’t needed any work for some time and, in the home, repairs are few and far between – something comes along to burst your bubble. It might be something relatively simple and inexpensive, but either way, you know it’ll set you back.

In this instance, we’re talking about the shower. It’s true that we all take it for granted; when it’s working okay, we don’t give it too much thought, but when it isn’t doing its job properly it can quickly cause absolute chaos. Ensuring early mornings are that little bit more stressful, a blocked shower drain might not seem a big issue, but it can nevertheless bring about huge problems. Read more

Sump Pump Installation Guide

If we asked you what the most important appliance in your home is, what would you say? Our guess might be your cooker, your kettle (hey, some people can’t make it through the day without coffee!), or even your TV. But what if we added a new appliance into the mix: a sump pump.

This appliance might not be up there as one of the most recognised in the home (you might not have heard of it, until now) it’s as, if not more, important than your cooker, kettle and TV. It might, in fact, be more vital than all of the above combined. Read more

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