Toilet Not Draining Properly? 10 Tips and Tools to Try First

We’ve all been there. Whether it’s a worried shout from a little one who’s put too much toilet paper down the loo, or you’re stood over the bowl wondering why your toilet isn’t draining like it should be, a blocked toilet isn’t ever on our to-do list.

There’s no need to panic though. There are plenty of ways you can try to sort out the problem yourself without needing to call in the pros, and some of them don’t even require specialist tools. Read more

How to Protect Your Business from Floods: Our tips

Over the past decade, floods have become more and more common in our towns and cities. As soon as the weather turns, we’ve begun to anticipate oncoming floods – and there’s nothing quite like the stress of a sudden rush of water to get us all in a panic.

Floods can affect businesses anywhere and flash floods have occurred more regularly over the years, particularly during extreme weather conditions. Is it any wonder we’re more concerned than ever about floods affecting our businesses, then? Read more

Our Drainage Services in London – Explained

Can’t get the toilet to drain? Or perhaps you’re simply fed up of persistent drainage problems? Don’t worry, as the dedicated team here at London Drainage Services are here to help – and in case you wanted the lowdown on how exactly we can assist, we’ve provided all the answers in this convenient article. You’ll never have to sit on the bathroom floor, your head in your hands and tears stinging your eyes – again. After all, drainage issues can often mean a huge headache for you. But not anymore! Read more

Toilet Not Draining? Check Out Our Handy Hints to Get it Fixed Now

We can see the problem now. Your toilet’s not draining and you’re stood there, Marigolds on, plunger in one hand, phone in the other, trying to remember the best way to carry out probably the least glamorous job in plumbing. You have our sympathies – if you’re not a professional drainage company, this sort of problem could really leave you in a stink.

Luckily, it’s not as bad as it seems. There are a few quick ways to unclog a toilet, and some of them don’t even require special equipment. Let us explain. Read more

Drain Overflowing in You Garden? Here’s What to Do…

Taking advantage of our drains; we’re all guilty of it. It’s only when they block up we realise just how much we rely on those humble garden drains. Now the sun’s out, it’s even more important that our outdoor drains are unblocked and flowing freely. After all, nobody wants to be knee-deep in waste water when they’re trying to host a barbecue!

Outside drains can get clogged by all manner of nasties, but the most common culprits are solidified fat, leaves and other debris, and food matter, such as rice, which does not biodegrade quickly enough for it to be disposed of down the drain. Read more

Drain cleaning in London: Your Helpful Guide

Based in or around London and got a blocked drain on your hands? Actually, no one wants that on their hands, do they?! Not literally, anyway. Which is why expert teams like ours here at London Drainage Services are here to help – wading in to sort out the issue when you don’t want to.

Before you call out the professionals though, why not see if you can first save yourself some money – and maybe even a bit of time? Read more

Clear Your Drain Without Force: Our Top Tips

It happens to the best of us: one minute the shower is working fine, and the next, you’re standing in two inches of water that just won’t drain. Or perhaps you’ve attempted to flush your toilet and ended up watching the water spill out and onto the bathroom tiles.

Whether it’s a toilet, a bath, or a sink, clogged drains can be a headache to deal with. It’s important, however, not to reach out to the nearest plumber or drainage company right away, as the problem may be diagnosable and even treatable by yourself. Read more

How to Unblock a Drain: Our Tips

Do you suspect that your outdoor drains may be blocked? The chances are, it’s probably more than apparent if something is causing a clog or two. So, what can you do? The fact is, there is lots you can try before you call out a drain unblocking team.

To help you get to the bottom of the problem, we’ve compiled a handy guide which features some top tips for a healthier drain. Here’s where to start: Read more

What to Do About a Slow-Draining Toilet: A Handy Guide

Not a blocked drain again! Clogged pipes and drains can be – and often are – a common domestic issue, causing huge problems in the home, with water damage being the main one. One of the most problematic blockages, though, is definitely the toilet – after all, you use it daily, and if it’s out of action, you’ll soon be aware of it!

Most toilet blockages are caused by too much toilet paper travelling down the pan and through the pipes, but fortunately, as it’s not always possible to get a professional out to fix the problem, there are several at-home remedies that can help. In this piece, we take a look at some of them to help you work out your options, before you get your loo up and running again! Read more

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